Amalgamar: to join heterogeneous elements into a uniform whole
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Amalgama-7 is a private institution specialising in preventive, educational
and therapeutic work with teenagers and young adults and their families.
Is your child becoming more and more difficult to live with?
  • Is he or she irritable and uncommunicative with the family?
  • Is he or she unmotivated at school?
  • Does he or she have trouble making friends and relating socially?
  • Do you disapprove of some of his or her friends?
  • Does he or she look worried or sad for no obvious reason?
  • Are you concerned about his or her attitude to eating?
  • Does he or she seem uninterested or offhand about his or her future?
  • Does he or she have a favourable attitude towards consuming alcohol and other drugs?
  • Do you think he or she might get into risk situations?
  • Does he or she seem interested only in things that he or she likes?
  • Is it getting increasingly difficult for you to understand each other?
If you’re going through one or more of these situations... we can help!
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Amalgama-7, Atención Terapéutica Y Educativa Para Jóvenes Y Adolescentes