Amalgamar: to join heterogeneous elements into a uniform whole
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Amalgama-7 offers comprehensive care for teenagers and young adults and their families who make a request for assistance.
Comprehensive care comprises a multidimensional diagnosis of biopsychosocial and educational characteristics and a specific treatment plan.

The therapeutic plan can be carried out in an outpatient environment (Consultation Centre) and/or a residential one (rural or urban Therapy and Education Centre, depending on the case).

In addition, parents and/or other relatives of the teenager or young adult receiving treatment are offered specific individual (and, if appropriate, group) attention, and are provided with a weekly report on the therapeutic and educational progress of boys and girls receiving treatment in a residential facility.

Parallel to this, Amalgama-7 carries out activities in a range of other related fields: education, prevention, training, teaching, counselling, coordination with government bodies, social awareness-raising, and publications and the production of preventive and healthcare material.
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Amalgama-7, Atención Terapéutica Y Educativa Para Jóvenes Y Adolescentes